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Random bits of weirdness from this week.

After a sibling fight the Girl came running to me describing all of the dire means by which she had been insulted and concluded with, “He took my feelings away.” My SIL came into the room with blue stained hands after a Tie-dying project. “I killed them, all of them, hundreds of little Smurfs, I rang their necks one by one and now they are dead.” [Imagine maniacal laughter in the appropriate places.] The Girl again. “Mommy, there is a dinosaur in our house and it’s going to poop on you, and on the Boy and on me and on daddy and then these robots came and killed it.” [Said with wide eyes and intense excitement.]

Over Reacting

The Girl has a temper; she has strong screaming reactions to every hurt, every disappointment, and every irritation. Part of it is her age; she is not yet old enough to have learned more measured emotional responses. Part of it is her personality, her female essence even at this age, and her strength. I rejoice that she is so confident, so sure of her space and her boundaries that she is able to summarily reject any unwanted contact, physical and emotional, she will not tolerate violations. She also will not tolerate not getting her way. So it’s my job to teach her to have self-control, to be kind and generous and thoughtful, without damaging the strength that is in her, without violating boundaries that it is good for her to have. That should be easy right? I hear you all laughing. I have vague memories of teaching her brother the same but they are hazy and distant. I remember forcing him to deal with me when he was having a temper tantrum, I remember that I would not let him rage al

This is the Flu that never ends….

Yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people starting throwing up not knowing what it was And they’ll continue throwing up forever just because… This is the Flu that never ends Yes it goes on and on my friends I’m doing laundry by the bucketful, there’s vomit in my rug My children won’t stop getting sick forever just because… This is the flu that never ends Yes it goes on and on my friends. They’re acting fine at breakfast time, they’re cranky when it’s lunch They spend the nighttime throwing up forever just because… This is the flu that never ends…. This is a product of my sleep-deprived brain some time Saturday night as one of the children missed the puke bowl for the second time in less than half an hour. Seriously, wouldn’t you think that a child who hasn’t vomited or had diarrhea in more than 36 hours was better? Never again people, they are just waiting until you let your guard down to throw–up all over your bed after you’ve just reached a blissful state of dead to the world

Will someone please bring back the housedress?

...and make it cool? Do you remember housedresses? I barely do. My mother never wore one that’s for sure, but my grandmother did. I remember seeing them in the Sears catalogue as well and wondering what they were for, this was before I saw my grandmother wearing one in the mornings. For everyone who has no idea what I’m talking about, they were like a wrap around dress. You stuck your arms in the sleeves and this little string went through a hole and wrapped around and tied together in the back. It looked like a dress, but wore like a robe. You wouldn’t leave the house to go to the store in one, but you weren’t totally embarrassed if the UPS man came to the door and you were still wearing nothing but a bathrobe, or pajamas, or even an African style sarong just sort of randomly tucked around yourself like a towel, hypothetically speaking of course. It was kind of like the work outfit for a housewife. I have never been a flybaby, but every so often I have read the FlyLady’s website

One of those weeks

The boy is singing, “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” to himself right now. Once again the Genius Husband left his itunes running on the laptop after leaving the house for work, and my children have been getting their daily dose of classic rock’n’roll. He has no idea what the song is about, but he’s singing it. That’s not what I was going to write about. Ever have one of those days? Ever have a couple of those days in a row and realize it’s becoming one of those weeks? We are in the middle of one of those weeks or have we begun the second? The staph infection is slowly clearing up. We are very vigilant so even though new spots keep popping up we have been able to treat them right away and they go away before becoming a problem. That was last week, and so I was just beginning to relax and thing that there may be an end in sight to the laundry and the disinfecting, and the hyper vigilant parent mode I’ve been in. Yesterday morning the Girl vomited all over the ground while we were at church, tw

Small Joys Friday

We went to SoupPlantation this week, my favorite buffet restaurant of all time because it has a really long salad bar, soups made from scratch, fresh breads and corn bread and flavored butters. (Unless you count Onami’s with their sushi bar.) That was fun, but what I remember it for was when I took the Girl to the bathroom after we ate. She stood listening to the piped in bathroom music while standing next to a wall. Her knees started to bend a little and she started bouncing to the music. “Mommy, I going to dance.” She announced. I said okay, so she moved around a little bit, selecting the tile from which to begin her dancing. She stopped at one, and then looked up at me again, and said once more, “I going to dance now Mommy.” But apparently that one wasn’t good enough either and she moved around like this a few more times before finally she started to spin around in circles as fast as she could, which is what she thinks of as dancing. When there is music, we should be dancing. That

I am surrounded by yucky things.

It turns out that the strange bacterial rash that my children have is actually a STAPH INFECTION! My little girl has a staph infection growing on her cheek! I’m a totally calm, NOT! One by one all of their other little cuts and bruises have are in danger of becoming infected and some already have. The boy had a harmless looking hangnail on his finger and a scrape that he got this weekend on a knuckle, they are no both turning into oozing festering cesspools of puss. This morning I stood them both in front of me naked and applied oregano oil (Very strong, stings a lot, kills everything bacterial including staph.) to every tiny little nick and cut on their bodies to keep this thing from spreading. We are alternating with staphoccocal stagnia at night, if you care. The Boy is taking it bravely, not complaining about how much it must sting. The Girl cries at me for at least half an hour after each application that her owies hurt and she needs hugs. I feel for her, but I would rather she l


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