Baby thoughts-3 1/2 weeks to go

Look, I have a picture of my pregnant belly. Actually I have a couple more of other subjects too thanks to last weekend borrowing a digital camera. My Milly took this one. So here is your first close-up of Schmidtty.

You see, the Boy is convinced that this is also a boy child, and that we should name it John, because that is a boy's name that he likes. The Girl is convinced that it is a girl child, but when asked what she thinks we should name it she replies "Baby Jake." We have a friend we see often who bears the same name.

My youngest sister in law put this all together and dubbed the child Schmidtty, or Schmidt for short. It stuck, and will until we find another name. [Man I need to get on this baby name thing I'm running out of time. Usually I start with meaning and work from there, but what I know this child's name should mean and what I can find that has that meaning doesn't really work that well. Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, these have all failed me. I should check the Latin dictionary again, it worked for the girl. Of course her dad already had it picked out before she was concieved, but it still helped.]

In case you're still wondering how we got from John and Jake to Schmidt, I'll help you out.

John, Jacob, JingleheimerSchmidt, that's my name too.
Whenever I go out, the people always shout...

There, now you're going to have that song stuck in your head all day.

ps. I couldn't figure out how to tell you how I answered the Girl in the last post without it going into the realm of way to much information, because the answer will furnish a mental picture I'm sure you'd rather live without. Hopefully that didn't just make you way more curious.



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