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If the Mormon Missionaries* come to my door to try and convert me to their religion and instead I manage to sell them handmade Karen bags to support our cause instead, does that mean I win? Or does it mean that I'm becoming shockingly good at this fund raising business? Or is it just testimony to how cool the bags actually are?

*They are usually nice boys so be kind to them instead of laughing at them when you see a few riding around in the sweltering heat on their bicycles.

The GH is home. Hooray, and sigh of happiness. I have a very exciting story to tell you about what Chala was able to do with the money you sent, but it must wait until tomorrow. And I have yet to see his pictures or videos either. The man must sleep first. 50 hours of travel make him a little cro-magnan like in his conversation skills.


  1. Anonymous2:58 AM

    It means you're a legend!(and probably all of the above as well)

  2. Anonymous7:34 AM

    You go girl! They were probably scratching their heads the rest of the day wondering exactly *what* happened while at your house! I'm sure that doesn't happen to them very often.


  3. YAY your husband is home!!! mine is due back in 156 days! haha! Baby is coming this week!!

  4. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I can't wait and good job selling the bags. I think you are getting good.

  5. I hope they actually saw the good that you are trying to do and that you are not JUST a good saleslady (of course that is admirable in itself). Can't wait to hear about your husband's trip.

  6. Anonymous9:56 AM

    We are Roman Catholic. I grew up in a neighborhood that was over 90% practicing (churchgoing) Roman Catholic.

    The Mormon's came a calling on a 100 degree day. They had been turned away from house after house. My father, quite to my surprise, invited them in, poured them glasses of lemonade, and proceeded to discuss BYU's football prospects that coming fall.

    After they departed, he explained to me that on a hot August day, when these boys are being turned away from house after house, in a town where they weren't going to be likely in converting anyone, the least he could do is give them a chance to recharge their batteries.

    It was a lesson in compassion.


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