Hair Cut


The Girl came into the bed room very early one Sunday morning half way into her dress. Her hair was caught on one of the little "pretty parts". She asked me for help. I was so tired, and half asleep, and the Baby was literally laying across my chest snoring. I also can't see anything until I get up and put in my contacts.

So I told her to go and ask the Boy, who was already awake also, for help. And then I fell asleep again and completely forgot about the whole thing.

Fast forward to 5 minutes before we went out the door to go to church and I am brushing her hair. And big pieces of it start to fall out.

There were scissors involved in the detangling of her hair that morning. And the back was very, very short. And I was sad, and kicked myself for not being more alert and helping her myself.

So, Auntie K was called upon to fix things. Because she is good at hair.

My biggest fear of course was that she would look older with her hair short.

And she did. And I was sad, briefly. But in a way she looks more like herself, and more of her personality gets to shine through. And, it takes a whole lot less time to brush.

Sigh. Another milestone, another transition. I can't stop them. So I may as well capture them as well as I can.


  1. awww I LOVE IT! she is so adorable! and she is growing up so fast!!! Miss you guys! Hope all is well!

  2. I think she looks really good. :) It's not all grows back if you really need it long. :)

  3. What a gorgeous child!



  4. Anonymous4:33 AM

    She's so cute. A couple years ago I had my dd's hair cut into a bob. I got tired of fighting the knots. But her blond hair is so incredibly thick that she was beginning to resemble a mushroom. So she's letting it grow out now.

  5. She's a beautiful, beautiful girl. Short hair or long.

  6. I think she looks really good. :) It's not all grows back if you really need it long. :)


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