I've got another post up at Blissfully Wed today.

The posting has been sparse this week, sorry about that.

The thing about living near a large extended family is that there is always something going on. Last week it was my FIL's birthday, Saturday a BIL's party and BBQ, last night another BIL's birthday party, and the GH did the cooking. Because around here the birthday person gets whatever meal their heart desires if it can be done. So when a 17 year-old decides he wants fire roasted lamb and cheese cake for his birthday dinner, it will happen. And we will all thank him for it later because, wow, was it tasty.

Needless to say, the nights away from home take time from other things, like recording everything that's going on.

So we have a full and good life. I'm not complaining.

Except for the part where I am tired and all this eating is making my pants feel tight. Classic North American complaint, "I have too much." Now I am ashamed.

Maybe I'll have something more interesting to post later.


  1. Wow! Great marriage post. I kept nodding may head, thinking "That's us," and "Yep, been there, done that." Thanks for the insight.
    Rachel in Idaho

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I don't think I could ever get enough of family and food. They might be my two favorite things!

  3. great post. fabulous. wonderful! you go girl!



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