Perfect Post Awards

The Original Perfect Post Awards 10.08
For a many months now I have been reading Jennifer F. of Conversion Diary. I'm fascinated by her story of her journey to faith, the way she articulates the things that guided her there, and the way she expresses the things she has discovered as she tries to live out a life of faith now.

I've been inspired by her segment on finding peace in daily life. It's led me in many directions that I may not have found myself going without her. And they have been fruitful.

I continue to be drawn to her understanding of vocation, as a choice of whom you will serve. This month she posted some reflections on being tired. And I thought them so wise and thoughtful and encouraging that I decided to give her my nomination for a perfect post this month for this post.
Conversion Diary: On being tired - The diary of a former atheist

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