Well, the results are in.

68.6% of you don't want things to change around here. At least, not the the names.

So I will bow to the democratic process this once and keep things almost the same. Except for the part where I take the advice of one lone commenter and do that.

Embejo suggested I go with Boy, Girl and Little, an idea I loved and so that's what I'm going to do. Besides, the Baby isn't such a baby any more, she's almost two, but the tiniest two year old you ever saw, who is healthy. (Seriously, she's 20 pounds and still wearing 6 month pants because anything bigger falls down on her, and she won't stop eating..)

So from now on the child formerly known as Baby will be referred to as Little.

ps. Thanks to those of you who made a donation yesterday. We'll be sending everything to help the kids get food by the end of the week. You are the best readers ever.


  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    He he....I feel like I've won something! ha ha... Good choice of names I say!

  2. Do you have a Paypal donation? I started to do the Facebook donating, but then saw it had a nearly 5% fee on it so stopped. I'll send a check soon! A good one--I was chatting with DH and just started telling about the Project and how I was going to send some more money because of his family leaving. And he said, let's send the Christmas money instead--we usually give money at the holidays for kids in the area, but really, they don't need more stuff like your kids need food, clothing, etc. So I can't wait to send the check!

  3. Oh, I originally was going to say that my DD was also tiny, weight wise at least. She'll be 4 in two weeks and she weighs 32# with clothes on! She's tall, however. I was worried about potty training because those diapers were the only thing that kept her pants up for a while. ;-)

  4. Annmarie-I have a paypal button in my sidebar now. Thank-you.

    I know what you mean about the diapers.:)

  5. Anonymous5:27 PM

    I've been following your "Ten Things Your Husband Wishes You Wouldn't Do". I've read 10-7, but I haven't been able to find the rest. Are there more yet?

  6. Jennifer-#6 posted last week.
    And 5 should go up by the end of this week. Glad you're enjoying it.


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