1000 Gifts Friday-Week 7

No, I didn't forget about 1000 Gifts Friday. I've just been way too busy to post the past 3 days. And the frenetic pace doesn't show any sign of easing in the next few weeks. But that doesn't mean there are any fewer reasons to give thanks.

Little practicing her words for things, pointing at them and carefully trying to pronounce words like tent and car and draw. And the smile I get when I guess aright what she's trying to say.

Cloudy days that require Uggs to warm my feet and hot drinks.

An unknown child sitting on a chair on her balcony at night, swinging her dangling feet and repeating over and over again, "Happy, happy, happy, happy..." as I am walking by.

That the Boy is so easily pleased with kindness. He has such a grateful heart.

Three turkeys, surplus from Thanksgiving donations, made their way into my hands this week, just as I was trying to figure out how to stretch the tight grocery budget to include a family with a new baby in it.

The always sweet smelling maple trees.

Hugs from good friends.

Fresh washed damp hair under my nose as I hold the Girl close at bedtime.

The grace to be gentle with myself for the time it takes to learn new things, and adapt to new challenges.

A soft pink and purple sweater that falls one stitch at a time from Beema's nimble hands, a gift to the Girl because she asked her to knit her something. One last sweater, for one last winter.

A toddler at last asleep, beautiful lashes settled against beautiful cheeks.

The gratitude community is here.



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