1000 Gifts Friday-Week 9

Technically it's not Friday any more, I hasn't been for two hours. But I haven't been to bed yet so it's still Friday to me.

This week I'm thankful for:

Sister in Law who arrives for dinner bearing chick flicks to watch together while a husband is away.

Same SIL who will stay the night and go with us ice skating tomorrow, and provided the admission vouchers. [It's odd for my grew up in Canada brain to realize that this will be the second time in their entire lives my children have encountered ice to skate on. And we have to do it inside.]

Friends who have time to stop and talk and enjoy a meal together.

My dear little two year old girl.

The people who are going to do all the web design work for the charis project so I don't have to any more.

Joanne, the kind stranger who drove us to the dentist in the pouring rain.

The bus driver who gave us shelter.

The friends who hosted the fundraiser.

Sunshine again.

Love that knows the worst and still loves, that seeks the best in me and still loves, that believes the possibility in me and loves me toward it, the kind of love that gives me strength to try one more time to be what I hope to be, and then one more time after that.

The gratitude community is here.


  1. Aw, your baby is two now! Happy birthday to her.
    I was going to write that I've only ever skated outside, but then I realized that I'm a great big liar - my parents used to make a big outdoor ice rink EVERY winter! And I'd almost forgotten.


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