Random Tuesday

Our fundraiser is tonight. Which means that I am rewriting cue cards and heading out to the store to buy more cranberries for a cranberry cake...

Correction, I am back from the store where they had no cranberries and I am now deciding whether or not to fudge things with canned cranberries, or make an apple tart instead. But all that peeling and slicing and pastry work may be more than I have time for...

I met a man at Kinko's who was photocopying an old book with lead sheets in them. He told me they were for his grandson, who's piano teacher refuses to teach him any thing but note reading. Which I translate to mean his piano teacher knows nothing of chord sheets and improvisation. He's taking them with him when he goes to visit for Christmas to teach him how to play them.

I thought that was sweet so we talked a bit more and I learned he was a voice major at Julliard and ended up teaching economics in high school for 30 years. So that was fun...

I have bunch of silk poinsettias on my front stop right now. Friendly old lady who lives across the green moved out to day and deposited them here for me until another neighbor gets home to claim them. I looks like I've decorated...

The US government is holding the kids proof of US citizenship hostage until I send them proof of their Canadian citizenship, or rather, proof that the people who signed the passport application are really their parents. I am no end of upset about this because we spent time standing in line to get their applications processed by a person who is supposed to know these things and who didn't once mention that they might be necessary, even though I had them there with me. Which means that yesterday, when we should have gotten back the documents we needed to go to Mexico this weekend, we instead got, "please send their birth certificates" instead.

I haven't told them yet, but the kids and I are going nowhere this weekend as a result. And I am kicking myself, because the day after we applied I was informed that they didn't need passports yet for land crossings, we had all the documents they needed already, except, now we don't, the US government has them. Sigh. There will be tears, not to mention the rest of the crew going down being a few hands short...

I think Tuesdays are by default random entry days, there is something about Tuesdays...

I bought this nifty cookie press at a thrift store a while back, just like the one we had when I was little. I was filled with memories of all the fun I had with it when I was little. And I decided that it would be so much fun to have a cookie party for the girl's this year. The kids could press out their cookies, add sprinkles, decorate bags, and then take cookies home with them. Brilliant.
Except, when we tried it yesterday the cookies didn't come out properly. And then I remembered all the times my mother wrestled with the darn thing and refrained from swearing at it in an almost audible way. So I added milk, and then icing sugar when it got too wet and late last night I got it to almost work, except for the part where the cookies don't really hold their shape all that well when I baked them. So guess what I'm doing tomorrow after the dentist? If you guessed making yet another batch of cookie dough you would be correct. I'll send you some cookies, if they work...

Excuse me while I go and do some more baking. Maybe if I give them cookies at the same time as I tell them they aren't going anywhere they will cry less.


  1. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that things fell through like that! :(
    I hope things won't be too rough when the kids are told. :(
    Good old beaurocracy, eh? :-<

  2. Anonymous6:19 PM

    I need cookies!! I'm sad!!
    I will miss you.


  3. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Aw. I'm sorry. Sucky red tape.

    My day has been kind of a letdown too. Not one person showed up for Bible study tonight. Oh, except for one new girl who was hoping to meet some new friends.



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