A few pictures of the wedding.

We are recovering from a very exciting weekend. It was a lovely wedding. The kids did really well, but are still not a hundred percent in terms of health.

Here are a few photos, that I didn't take, from a friend who is faster at uploading than I.

The Bride's father has a Civil War sword that has been passed on as a family heirloom. Her grandfather cut his wedding cake with it, as well as her father, his brother, etc. They had photos of the parents and other family cutting the cake at their own wedding arranged around their cake. It was a really original idea.

It was so hot that the cream cheese icing slumped a little bit. But it didn't matter. Ten minutes after they started cutting it, the table looked like a disaster zone, and there was no cake left. I'm assuming that means people liked it. :)
I'll post the recipe and stuff on my food blog after I have a few days to catch my breath. It was an Italian Cream Cake recipe adapted with key lime zest instead of coconut, brushed with blackberry liqueur, filled with white chocolate ganache, and iced with lime flavored cream cheese icing.


  1. I am so impressed with the cake, well done you! and yes, the dresses look so sweet. Nothin' like a deadline to bring out your best eh :o)


  2. Rachel4:13 AM

    Beautiful cake!!!

  3. beautiful children and cake! (and dresses!)

  4. Great job on everything! Wow!

  5. Oh Carrien, you really outdid yourself! The icing alone would make any cake incredible.


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