Busy with paint over here

I'm painting a chair today, doing some hemming for my neighbor, and going out to buy the Girl another pair of shoes because her feet just won't stop growing, and she has exactly one pair of running shoes left that fit. She wants something to wear with dresses too.

So in lieu of an actual post I will send you off to read some stuff I posted last week that you may have missed.

At the voice, the charis project blog, I wrote about the realities of running an orphanage.

It was the year 2001, we had been married less than a year and we were at the Door of Faith Orphanage in Mexico talking to DJ and Lynette, the couple who run the whole place. A month earlier we made the choice together that someday, somehow, we wanted to take care of kids who had no one, in a long term meaningful way. Of course, the first thing we thought of was an orphanage. We were there to learn.
I will never forget what DJ said that day.
“The truth is,” he said, “I spend most of my days fund raising, trying to raise enough money to keep this whole thing going. We hire people to take care of the kids, because we don’t have the time.”
 To read the rest click through.

At the real food revolution I wonder why anyone would make green been casserole.
Not Green Bean Casserole
I also provide a recipe for a much better tasting alternative, Garlic and Chili Green Beans

Oh, and I also pondered the role of forgetfulness in weight gain. Just One



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