the mouths of babes

She loves princesses. She obsesses about hair and curls and pretty necklaces. Yes, already, at almost 6. I have not encouraged this trend, it's just who she is. She loves to plan things, and sweeps us all along with her schemes and imagining.

A few nights ago we were praying together, as we do every night before bed. After prayer time was over I hurried through the songs and the hugs as fast as I could, because I wanted to get her prayer written down before I forgot it. This is what she prayed.

I pray that you would give Chala and the kids lots of money for food, and that the people who are selling the food would give them change so they can buy more stuff. And I pray that the pigs would not get sick and die so they can sell them for more money. (They are raising pigs for market, but lots of pigs in their area have been dying of sickness.) And I pray that they would not get malaria.

Please make it so that in Burma they aren't killing people anymore and so that the Burmas (sic) don't want to kill the tribes anymore so that when they are driving around they won't be killed. Please make it safe for the tribes, Amen.
What could be left to add but a hearty Amen?

In the end we are all God's children, our understanding always childish compared to His. Yet he invites us still to sit with Him "in heavenly places" Eph. 2:6 and participate with his work/be His presence on this earth.

Do any of us truly understand this?

Yet still we pray. Hopefully with at least as much confidence and trust in His response as a 5 year old girl, who believes she is a princess because her father is a King.


  1. the last paragraph of your post is especially beautiful.

  2. What a generous heart your little girl has! I suspect she gets it from her mama :)

    I agree with the previous commenter about the last paragraph -- wonderful. Especially that she 'believes she is a princess' part. Beautifully said.


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