One Thousand Gifts-Week 39

holy experience

Glorious golden tousled curls, bouncing as she laughs.

Boy laughing and making silly faces.

The little bit of a lisp when he's laughing and talking because of missing front teeth.

the homey smell of turkey broth simmering.

peanut butter trails in the honey remind me that the Girl made lunch for everyone today. All by herself.

Aaron walked in the door with lilies at the end of a long sad day last week.

Notebooks, bubble bath, and a bundle of decorative kale from my Milly.

The look the Boy gets on his face when he's saying something odd and funny.

the freshness of the air on my morning walk.

A night at Beema's house for all the kids, and a restaurant gift certificate from a friend for Aaron and me to enjoy together without them.

The way her eyelashes curl.

The Girl's crazy stories.

Little's stunning eyes.

Beautiful friends who send thoughtful gifts, and emails.

Hannah will be able come for part of Thanksgiving.


  1. I am wondering which Hannah?
    I am thankful for you!
    Have a great Thanksgiving. Please say Hello to everyone for me. Miss you all so much.

  2. Anonymous8:59 AM

    I like your list. I think I have much in common with you, a 7 year old, a 5 year old (but both are boys) and a 2 year old (girl.) And last month we, also, lost our baby (due to an unexpected miscarriage.) I love the idea of adoption and I hope your dreams and plans come to pass. All in God's timing, right?

  3. I have really enjoyed reading parts of your blog and website this week! No idea how I came across it but glad I did. The Charis Project is awesome. (As an aside, great name! I have a volunteer named Caris with us in Bolivia currently.)

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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