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If you want to have amazing help packing, ever, may I recommend making friends with a military wife? My friend Megan has moved 22 times. She grew up military and she married military. She is a machine! I did not think so much could be done in such a short time. And Naomi pitched in for a while, my neighbor, who is also an army wife. These ladies know packing. And Kristine, my friend from church brought her daughter to take care of the kids, cleaned out my fridge, and figured out some how how to get all of the random breakable things that I've been afraid to pack into boxes. Oh, and she brought a lasagna and garlic toast for dinner. My friend Margarita showed me how much she loved me by trying not to cry and making jokes instead when she saw all the boxes. I'm going to miss this community, these women I see everyday. Even though I fully expect to stay in touch with them. I am blessed with friends. I'm not sure I realized how blessed until now. Tomorrow brings eve

Packing-Day 1

For those of you who aren't on Twitter and didn't hear yet, we have a house! It's in the wrong place, which is why I hadn't looked at it before. It actually adds to Aaron's drive time every day, which we didn't want. But I reached the point where I realized that if the choice was between a place we all wanted to live that he was happy to come home to, with space to breath, vs. a tiny cramped hard to be in place that was closer, I'd rather have him happy to come home. Even if it meant driving farther. So I went to look at it on Friday afternoon. Actually I called first and said, "I have kids. Please tell me now if that will be a deal breaker, so I can save myself the trouble of driving there, liking it, applying and being passed over again." His response that he hoped to rent to a family and has kids of his own was encouraging, so we got in the car. It's got a big front yard, all grass and trees, pear, lemon, guava, with a wrought iron fen

Back to real life

Two weeks ago I felt strong, I felt like I could do this. I could find a place to move to, I could pack up everything, with help from friends who offered of course, and I could take care of all the regular everyday things as well. That was before this baby head became engaged in my pelvis and started pressing against everything down there. That was before I cam up against, over and over again, "Well, there was nothing wrong with your rental application per say... we just had a stronger applicant, and the number of small children was a concern." Because a 3 bedroom single family house is so much less appropriate for a family of almost 6 than a 2 bedroom apartment which is where we currently live? I swear, I have heard, "how will you fit that many people into this tiny space?" far too many times this month. I should show them pictures of how we fit into half the space now. I am reminded suddenly that most people think of 4 children as a large family. I'm run

And the winners are....

So, the whole idea with having the kids at the orphanage draw for the winners was to have these really great photos to go along with this post so you could see the kids and the actual event. I forgot that Aaron won't be back until Sunday and the upload speed at the few places he finds out in the middle of nowhere to be online for a few minutes is no where near adequate for sending photos. So I'm just going to tell you who the winners are, and put up photos anyway next week. Through a very complicated process I assigned every entry a number. I started with the comments that qualified as entries and then moved on to donations, making sure not to overlap entries from comments that mentioned donations. There was more but anyway, I worked hard to make sure it was fair and that I didn't miss anyone. So, here are the winners. The lovely bracelet from Wired Whimsy goes to... Lenae in GA. The white Karen bag goes to...Katherine in CO The striped Karen bag to Julie in

We did it!

I was thinking yesterday about how the father of my kids was on the other side of the planet taking care of kids who don't have a dad on Father's day. Not only are we good with that, more time to find a gift for him, but I'm thrilled that he is the type of man who is teaching my children what a father should be, and who a father is. He says one of the most stressful parts of his trip every time is to find good gifts to bring home to his kids. That makes me smile because he's already given them the best gift of all. He's faithful to all of us and I'm so thankful for that. Also, the final tally is, you're going to want to brace yourself, $8239 Wow! When I posted about this 2 weeks ago it was a last ditch effort. I did not think anything would come of it. I figured I would do my best and try, but I really didn't think we would be able to raise so much so quickly. I was wrong. Thank-you so much for making me wrong. $2000 of that came from Aar

Last day, almost there. Can we do it?

The total this morning sits at $5,504! Do you think we can get the last $500 by the end of the day? Closing time for the giveaway is midnight tonight. Which is about 2pm over there and Aaron should be just arriving at the children's home. I am amazed that this has happened, and that so much has been raised so quickly. Thank-you all. If you can help, please help us with one last push today and spread the word that we're almost there. Remember to link to this post here and go there to donate.

Announcing more prizes and an extension. *Update*

$4519 I just spent several minutes adding everything that has come in in the past week. We're at $4519! That's amazing! I'm a little emotional right now. I'm truly amazed and humbled that so many people have taken a moment to help with all of the other things going on in the world. That you would notice and care about these little kids, who have no political clout, and nothing to capture the world's attention blesses me so much. And I think we can make it. We're so close now. I'm extending the giveaway and deadline until midnight this Thursday June 17. We realized that even though Aaron leaves tomorrow night, he won't actually reach the orphanage until Friday. Thanks to Western Union, we can wire it all him that day in country. We can do this people! I really think we can now. So we have another fabulous giveaway. Brenda, the remarkably creative and sweet blogger behind Secret Agent Josephine got back to me this weekend and offered to donate a

Love Thursday-This week's outpouring

First, a progress report on Project Buy the Orphanage a Truck . As of this morning the total donated is $3280. That's more than halfway to our goal of $6000. I'm blown away. I really didn't think this was going to happen short of a miracle. Now, I think it just might. You guys are the miracle. Thanks. Those 40 kids have lost parents, lived through war, and all sorts of other unmentionable things. And now you guys are stepping up and taking care of them in ways that really make a difference. Now for today's story. It starts with a little girl named Cordelia, age 4. Her parents sponsor one of the children at Charis Home. After this Christmas when you guys helped us buy them real beds and shoes and warmer clothes, her mom showed her the pictures of them. She wanted to know why they didn't get any toys. Her mom tells me that what followed was a long conversation where she tried to explain poverty and how the kids were really happy to get beds and clothes for Chri

Project buy the orphanage a truck. ****Giveaway****

In a week and one day Aaron will board a plane for Thailand. One problem, we still haven't raised the $6000 we need to buy a truck so the kids can get to school safely. (Please scroll down for the story. To learn more about The Charis Project please visit our website .) So, in the interest of making things fun I started asking some friends of mine to donate prizes for everyone who helps us to reach our goal. The first person I thought of was Christy from Wired to the Whimsy . I'm so glad for twitter, I would never have met her otherwise. She got back to me within seconds and donated this gorgeous bracelet that she was going to list in her shop . Isn't it pretty? Next up we have 2 completely handwoven bags, made by Karen woman on hand looms made of sticks. Like this. These are the most comfortable bags you have ever worn. You'll have to trust me on this, but I've used a lot of bags, and this super wide woven shoulder strap distributes weight all over yo

I'm having a moment

Sometimes it feels like this weight that presses down. Worry. The turmoil in Thailand. Isreal and Hamas. Oil spills. Economy. Legislation. 28 days to find a new home now that we've given notice. Will we be able to raise enough to buy the orphanage a truck? So much work. I get lost. I'm overwhelmed. My heart, it doesn't know how to deal with these things or even talk about most of them.  And the weight, like a lead ball sinks deep into my chest and buries me beneath it for a time. I am bad at transitions. Amid the uncertainty of knowing it's good to move, I grieve. We need more space. We need to be closer to where Aaron works so he can actually be home before bedtime most days. We need to be somewhere where the boy is no longer sharing a room with his sisters and has space to play with lego again. But I will miss here. I will miss the friends, the green wide open play spaces, that there is almost always a child/friend for mine to play with. I will mis


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