And the winners are....

So, the whole idea with having the kids at the orphanage draw for the winners was to have these really great photos to go along with this post so you could see the kids and the actual event.

I forgot that Aaron won't be back until Sunday and the upload speed at the few places he finds out in the middle of nowhere to be online for a few minutes is no where near adequate for sending photos.

So I'm just going to tell you who the winners are, and put up photos anyway next week.

Through a very complicated process I assigned every entry a number. I started with the comments that qualified as entries and then moved on to donations, making sure not to overlap entries from comments that mentioned donations. There was more but anyway, I worked hard to make sure it was fair and that I didn't miss anyone.

So, here are the winners.

The lovely bracelet from Wired Whimsy goes to... Lenae in GA.

The white Karen bag goes to...Katherine in CO

The striped Karen bag to Julie in Austin

The prize from Secret Agent Josephine goes to Nadia in Canada.

And the surprise gift from Thailand goes to Susan Quinn

I'll be notifying the winners of the local prizes by email since most of them don't blog, or even read this one I don't think. I know, shocking!

I want to thank-you all again and again for what you did. It's because of you that the kids are getting a truck this week and a safe ride to school.




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