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7 Quick Takes Friday-the pregnant edition

1. My SIL did some mendhi art on my belly recently. It was lovely to have a reason to just lie still and relax for a while as she worked and we waited for it to dry. (Except for the bathroom break part, that was tricky.) The stain lasts for a couple of weeks and then gradually wears off. 2. I forgot to tell you all about a party we went to last month for a friend's 50th birthday. We were all supposed to dress French in keeping with the party's theme. I couldn't think of anyway to dress french, other than wear couture and look a great deal more stylish and slim than I am. So I googled French Costumes. You can guess what came up. Well, this is me as the knocked-up French maid. Because that's what can happen after you get yourself into one of those other "French costumes", dontcha know? 3. I've never retained water before. This time my ankles are gigantic. No I don't have a photo. But the words bulbous and elephantine have been used by people u

Dear Obstetrician

Honestly, I think that your presence at my birth would be somewhat similar to me taking an EMT with me to the playground every time we go, just in case one of the kids falls down and gets hurt. Not that I don't respect the time and effort put into learning those lifesaving skills of course. But I think being able to dial 911 would be sufficient. In other words, I am glad you are there and trained if I need you, but I don't expect to need you. I think being able to call you in case of an emergency would suffice. However, there is all the legal requirement of having once, many years ago, had my belly cut open by one of you to deliver my son. Despite all sorts of evidence to the contrary, and the two children I delivered vaginally since then, I am a "risk". Since this is California, where people litigate, to cover everyone's ass I am sent to you, the "most qualified" birth practitioner. Just in case. So here's the thing. It's fine with me if y

From a long time ago...

I found my mother journal when we moved. A friend gave to me when the Boy was born, almost 9 years ago. It has all of the things I wrote down when he was a baby, long before blogs were invented I think, long before I even owned my own computer. We lived in Canada then, Vancouver, and I was totally new to motherhood. I thought I might share a few entries here. You can let me know if that's a totally lame idea or not. ************* I sit in a coffee shop with you beside me staring around in wide eyed wonder at the everyday ordinary sights. Your hands and feet move anxiously while you make little worried noises. Soon the car seat will be entirely unsatisfactory and I will pick and hold you to keep you happy. You smile that wonderful smile at me when I pick you up, and with it tell me how happy your are to be with your mama. Today was a good day. The sun shone and it was warm enough to go without a coat. Spring is definitely on it's way. You are 4 months plus one week o

When you wonder if what you do matters

My friend Adam and his wife Cindy moved to Thailand a while ago, I don't remember how many years, along with Aaron's brother Sean. Their plan was to start an orphanage. They worked in one there for a year. In the end they realized that they needed to foster kids in their own home instead, to give a fewer  number the benefit of a real family. They've never needed to look for kids, the kids just come to them. It's hard work and really worth doing. Here's a post Adam wrote recently about Pan, a girl they have fostered for quite a while. Raising Witnesses It made me cry. You should go and read it. I only hope that the story the kids at the Charis Home tell will be similar to Pan's.

As our 10th anniversary approacheth....

It's late, I'm not sure how late because I've been asleep for a while, but definitely late. He finally comes to bed and curls his head into my chest ready to talk. These moments when he wants me to listen, when his tongue loosens and the thoughts flow easily, I treasure these, even in the dark of morning. He's often so taciturn. I think he's finished and have almost drifted back to sleep when he says, "If I die before you I want you to find someone else to marry you. Someone who will just be good to you and love you and the kids." I smile in the dark and respond, "You better stay alive then, that sounds like a lot of work." A while later, as a tag to another conversation he says it again. "I really do hope you will find someone else to marry if I die. Someone who will just be good to you and take care of you. I know I'm difficult to live with sometimes." "Yes, but that has been necessary for me to grow." We bot

Public service announcement

Here's a very important at home do it yourself tip. If someone gives you a free bookshelf, and you look at it and think it would look way better white, don't go to Lowe's and buy a few cans of spray paint to complete this project. Because it's going to take way more than a few cans, it's going to cost more than $30 and several trips, and when you are done, holding your breath while spraying so as not to inhale baby threatening toxins, it will still look like you need a few more cans of spray paint. You will end up staring at it trying to decide whether to just bring the thing inside and put books on it or take out the sand paper and then use a brush and roller like you ought to have done in the first place. Also, trying to finish while there's a thunderstorm on the horizon won't go very well. But don't worry, that swelling on your foot, where the shelves blew over and landed on top of it, doesn't have much to do with the injury after all. Turns


There is heat and sun and stifling air, and then the wind from the ocean picks up and lightening and thunder take over the sky. Little is scared but daddy picks her up and they sit on the front step to watch the sky and listen and she likes the color of the lightening and the sounds of it. Rain hits in spurts and drenches for a few seconds but leaves all still thirsty, still hot, and trapped beneath the gray. But after dinner the sky lights up with orange and pink streaks over the back fence, drawing us to gaze. Children run laughing through a maze of boxes and furnishings, still lacking a permanent location. Their giggles trail from front door to back and around and around the house again. Two little girls snuggle together in a queen size bed that dwarfs them and reach out to find each other in the night, comforted. The Boy hides in his cave creating with legos, asks already why it needs to be clean if it's "his room". The sounds in this house are all our own

And there was internet once again...

I'm on my own computer, in my own, crammed full of boxes still, office. Hooray! It's so odd to remember that when the Boy was a newborn we didn't even have a computer in our house, and we didn't miss it. Now I feel so out of touch if I can't go online, it's where so many of my key relationships get their primary interaction. I do still think fondly of those days though when Aaron would read to me at night when I nursed the Boy as our entertainment for the evening. It was a sweet season for us. Anyway. I have so much to catch up on I don't know where to begin. Instead I'm going to sleep and maybe have something to say by morning. Now it's all, "I still can't figure out where my bathrobe was packed...where did that staple gun go?... this room definitely needs curtains first... a dresser in this corner would be really handy right about now..." Yep, fascinating. Need sleep...g'night.


I am sitting in my car in a parking spot outside of a Panera with Aaron's laptop so I can use some of their free wi-fi after hours and get online for the first time in days. We won't have internet at our new house until this Saturday! That's just crazy talk. We haven't got phone service until then either. I actually now own a cell phone, me, the homebody who never goes anywhere and never needed a cell phone before now. Though, actually, buying a van last month so we'd have enough passenger space for 6 when Jelly bean is born was the first step in this direction. Now I do actually go places. Sometimes far more often than I would like. So getting a phone in case I needed it was the inevitable next step. Other than the total disconnect from the rest of the world I am loving our new place. Actually, I'm not minding the disconnect either. It's a nice change of pace to only be doing what is physically present in front of me. Of course, all the work piling up w


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