Meet Suchart

This is Suchart. He is 11 years old.

When he grows up he would like to be a doctor and give treatment to kids who have burnt heads like him.

Suchart was burnt by cooking oil with a heating pan, he can't see clearly now. His step-mother, who has since passed away, was violently abusive. Many step parents are where he comes from.

Now he lives at the Charis Home and we are taking care of him and getting him medical treatment.

Ashley was at the home this September. She met Suchart and said this about him.

He has that story (of abuse), and then he's the kid who laughs and runs around more than any of the others. He chased me for an hour. I tickled him. When I began to get tired I made a lot of outrageous motions and he was one of the first kids to mimic me. The new game was mimic every move Ashley makes. He has an incredible smile when he laughs, very playful.

We can't do this without you.

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To Do 2011-Rescue a Child



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