Christmas with Grandpa Shane

my dad and his front door

Trying out the cold weather gear on dad's porch.

Our first stop in Canada was my dad's house, which is over 100 years old, doubles as his art studio and gallery, located in the heart of the town I grew up in... Oh, and home to 5 boarders (my dad tends to rent rooms for cheap to people regular landlords wouldn't touch, like just out of prison, or broke) with one bathroom and no laundry facilities.

We all did Christmas morning together

And yes, he did buy them all Christmas gifts and roast them a turkey.
This creates a bit of a challenge when traveling with 4 little laundry generators in tow. Also, imagine the state of the bathroom used by 6 guys with no women around. My dad said he ran out of time to clean it before we got there. He did have time to put up Christmas lights in his room which the kids and I shared though. Priorities people, the grandchildren must first be awed.

I did scrub that tub within an inch of it's life before allowing my children to bathe in it. But I didn't use bleach, a decision I still regret as I continue to treat the case of ringworm Jellybean contracted in his diaper area during our stay there.

that's not just for the grandchildren, My dad likes trains.

it's really real mom!
That aside, the kids had a blast. Which was sort of the point.

he always wears the top hat on Christmas day to hand out gifts

he's talking to Aaron on the phone.

discovering table hockey and 2nd cousins his age all in the same day.


  1. Looks like such a wonderful time! Oh, how I miss my father!!


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