Just for fun

Today I'm over at the MOBsociety trying to encourage moms of little people.

Here's an excerpt:

No, he isn’t perfect. I had to remind him to do his jobs, twice. He hangs his head and gets a surly look on his face when I tell him to get back to school work when he is distracted, and he is very loud, and somewhat obnoxious in his eagerness to tell me the minute details of EVERY.SINGLE.THING.

It’s not that I don’t still feel overwhelmed, like I did when they were smaller, I just feel overwhelmed by different things, in different ways.

You can click through to read the rest.

Also, a little while back Alice Bradley of Finslippy asked  twitter what kind of parenting topics she could write about. Knowing she has a boy the same age as mine and would understand I asked her,
@finslippy How do you get 9 year-old boys to stop talking ALL. THE. TIME. about Lego or whatever else is running through their head?
 Here in Redbook magazine is her hilarious response.

Oh, and then @Andrew_Arnold, his bio says he is PR and communications manager for LEGO sent me an apology after reading the article. Tongue in cheek of course.

Sometimes twitter is just fun



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