Forums, Presentations, Syndication, oh my!

Today I am getting dressed up, in borrowed clothes, because I don't really own any office appropriate wear anymore, at least, not that fits, and go tell a crowd of people at a thing called an Entrepreneur Forum about what we have done here.

Ok, maybe not a crowd, but 100 or so feels like a crowd to me. Facebook causes says it's more like a group. Fine, group.

But I'm off to tell them about The Charis Project. (Check out the website upgrade I've been working on.) I will tell them all about you, about what you did here, the way you helped all these years and have cared for all these kids. I will tell them the story of how a bunch of people I've never met banded together to create a community that has sustained more than 30 kids, keeping them safe and healthy and in school for almost 3 years now.

Even though Aaron and I are the ones up there talking to them, we wouldn't be anywhere at all without you, and neither would those kids.

So thank-you, from the bottom of my heart. It's our baby's big day. Hopefully you will inspire others to help and move us closer to the dream of making orphanages self-sustaining and a better place for kids to be. I hope this will be the turning point.

Also, today is the first time ever that a post of mine has been syndicated by blogher. Please go over and read it there and comment because that makes me look good. :) Here's the link. Home is Shifting

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  1. RebeccaF.10:01 AM

    Praying for a successful presentation.  Congratulations on the syndication!


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