7 quick takes

1. I wanted to share with you my BIL's most recent post. On the Enigma of Hell, and Bakersfield He currently lives in Uganda and works with a few organizations there. Here's a snippet. "The question I'm more interested in is how, in light of all the restoration, rebirth, adoption, validation, new life, healing, deliverance, good news, etc. throughout scripture, does "not going to Hell" become the big sales pitch? It's like using pictures of Detroit to convince people Fiji is a worthwhile destination."

2. I really liked reading this article about Challenge House. Basically people move into really impoverished neighborhoods with the goal of engaging and building community with the people living there and finding out how to help. They've established a non-profit to help buy houses to use. This is one of my dreams, with the addition of a house for expecting mothers.

3.I've discovered Pinterest. It could be I'm using it wrong, but for me it's a great tool to let me close a browser window I would otherwise leave open. You know how you find something cool and you wan tot remember it or show it to someone so you bookmark it, or leave that page up but you never remember what your bookmarks are of and eventually you have 30 pages open? Pinterest works right into the toolbar of my browser, so when I want to remember something I can just click on the little pin and put it on one of my boards. IT automatically links back to the sight the picture is from and at one glance I can remember all sorts of cool things I want to keep track of.

4. I'm linking to this amazing post by Katie for all 5 of you who don't already read her blog. Around here we bend low. Some of the back story here. found via Jen's best reads of 2010 list. The challenge I think in reading this post is to not dismiss it as something only amazing people in Uganda can do and rather to ask ourselves where we should be bending low, who is in front of us to serve? Family? Neighbor? Whiny child? Where is my bending?

5. My dear friend Emily, who has been volunteering to help me get on top of The Charis Project administrative load, which is substantial, sent me this song on facebook today. You all have probably heard it but I've had my head in the proverbial sand for a while. I've never heard it before. I love it. (It actually starts about a minute and a half in.)

6. I interviewed Rae about her book The Eve Tree this week over at blogher. An Interview with Rachel Devenish Ford, author of The Eve Tree. It was her and my first interview of this sort. I put it up at blogher hoping they would decide to feature it so she would get more publicity, which they did, and it was totally awesome. I felt cool for all of 5 minutes. That was before I realized that the totally excited words I meant to send to Rae when I forwarded her the email they sent me actually went back to the editor who emailed me. That was kind of super embarrassing. You really can't take me anywhere. They should invent an unsend button for Gmail. But I have blog bling so I may as well put it up here. Gah.

Featured on BlogHer.com
7. Speaking of blogher, I'm totally going this year. Finally they hold it in my city so I can afford to go. And then, I applied for and got a bloghership, which means I can go for free! I'm so excited to finally meet some people in real life that I have known and loved via the internets for 5 years or so. I've already volunteered to bake Liz a birthday cake and get Aaron to make Lotus margaritas. It's looking to be a busy week.



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