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He loves to splash and he's very diligent about it.


No one wanted Beema to leave when she comes over. They think sitting on her feet will make her stay.


Well, come on over. I'm in the middle of hanging diapers to dry, sorting mail, the table still has a breakfast dish on it and we're just finishing lunch, and I'll show you the things on my to do list that have been there more than a month. Gleep. But I haven't taken any pictures of it.

round button chicken


  1. Nathaniel & Jessica Moos2:58 PM

    love all the pictures... and can totally relate to real!  Jessica

  2. I love that first photo of the Girl and the butterfly - so pretty!
    Actually, I love the one of Jellybean, too.

  3. What fun! But I think you should have put pictures of your to-do list up! I put up my {real} photos of my flooding laundry room! It makes people like me feel like we aren't alone in the chaos!

  4. Thanks. I've been playing with the big camera. It's very fun.

  5. I wanted to, but my to do list is actually a sticky note on my mac dashboard, ok several stickies, that I don't know how to screen capture and there are some things on it pertaining to the non-profit I run that I probably shouldn't broadcast, and I didn't have time to take or upload any photos today, those were all from other days. :)

    I just didn't have any pictures for real in the camera already, and I was trying to post in a hurry. :)

    I am wholeheartedly in on the concept of sharing the real so others don't feel like they are the only ones. Thanks for the visit.

  6. Ah, I love it! I miss these moments. Makes me want to have another.

  7. I'll let you hold my baby next week if you want. :)


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