I'm at Blogher11

So here I am at blogher. I was going to show you my really pretty business cards that Melissa made me, and Emily helped cut out and tie together. They are so awesome. But I decided not to bring the camera, because it’s big and I’m afraid of losing it or smashing it. And I didn’t have time to take those shots before rushing out the door. Next week.

The kids are excited to spend a few days with their Beema and aunts and uncles. I’m excited to meet people in real life who I have been reading for years. It’s gonna be crazy I’m sure.

I have this to say so far after the first day, many people are much taller than I expected them to be. Seriously. I think maybe I'm just short but there seem to be a lot of really tall bloggers. Weird.

I'm looking forward to a good sleep tonight without Little to wake me. She's much worse for waking up at night than the baby usually is.


  1. Nathaniel & Jessica Moos2:34 AM

    hope you have a lovely time! jessica

  2. Thanks. I am having a great time.


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