Mission Statement

I started working on a mission statement a few months ago. While intended as a guide for life originally it also works out quite well as a blogging/writing mission as well. A mission statement is handy to have because it allows me to evaluate something I'm writing or doing in light of how well it supports that mission.

So, after several week of thinking about it and revising, etc. here is my personal/blogging/writing mission statement.

I choose to be an agent of redemption, to heal what is broken, mend what is hurt, restore what is lost. I will bless in word and in deed. I choose to believe the best of you, for as long as is possible. I will say yes to and celebrate what is good. I will speak life, where there is death, love, where there is hate, that whisper the hope of joy in the midst of suffering. I welcome all that life offers, joy and pain in all their ever mixing combinations. I will laugh. I will not fear.

Do you have a mission statement or guiding principle? Will you share it with me?


  1. Mrshojo10:30 PM

    I shall try to remember yours, it has heart, everyone needs some heart :o)



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