Announcing the Giveaway Winners

I have a sort of default setting when it comes to spread sheets that is probably irrational. In other words, I avoid them if at all possible. It is this I blame for the elaborate high jinks that I have undertaken to bring to you the results of this giveaway.

Rather than just do the easy thing, like enter everyone into a spreadsheet to keep it sorted, that's me kicking myself, I decided to go for drama, creativity, something else. Which is why last night I gave myself carpal tunnel syndrome cutting hundreds of strips of paper after printing out all of the donations lists and the tweets organized by hashtag, and the facebook comments, etc. I have a giant bowl full of them now.

(What exactly I was thinking I don't know. I've been solo parenting this week. I've fallen into bed exhausted, some times fully clothed several nights in a row. I rented a movie on Monday night thinking I would need it to keep me company when Aaron was out of town and I still haven't had a night when I felt sufficiently finished with work to put it in. Who needs a husband to keep you company when you have a giant to do list. ps. I do, he makes me go to bed on time.)

I thought I would take pictures, maybe video, have the kids pull them out, make an occasion out of it.  But then I would have to find the cord, or the missing card reader, transfer those pictures to my laptop, resize, upload, and since it's already been several days I think that if I make you all wait for me to find time to do all that that this will never happen.

So instead I just pulled the strips of paper out and announced them at our facebook page, go over there to find out if you won.

Don't forget that we have yet another giveaway going on up until September 30 to help raise the rest.

After a twitter conversation tonight about a shared love for the movie Strictly Ballroom I am including it as a prize. Because we all could use a good show that makes us laugh and feel good. If that was the one I had rented I would probably have watched it by now. Aaron, being a notorious hater of dancing shows and chick flicks may not ever sit and watch this with me, which makes me issue this challenge. If we do reach our goal of $10,000 he promises to watch Strictly Ballroom with me and perhaps live tweet it. You know you want this to happen, right?

Seriously, you guys are awesome. There are so many names in this little bowl beside me that I recognize. I know you guys, we have history, and I'm just so thankful that of all the people that I could end up knowing in the world it's people like, who really, really care. I'm very, very blessed.

I wish I could give each and everyone of you a prize.


  1. Yes! Live tweet it! Maybe I can get my hubby to watch it too!


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