Easy Canvas Prints Giveaway - Building a Self Sustaining Orphaange

One of the perks of being a blogger is that sometimes people offer you free stuff. I don't have that happen very often but I was so excited when Megan from Easy Canvas Prints offered me a free canvas print to try.

Have you heard of these? Take a photo, any photo at all, and turn it into fine art for your wall. Maybe it's a favorite spot you saw on vacation, maybe it's that perfect candid shot of one of your kids. I have wanted to try this since I first found out about it.

I knew exactly what photo I would print to canvas. It's one Aaron took of the Girl on a hill with the setting sun lighting all the bushes and her hair on fire. I planned to hang it over our mantel where we have some ugly media outlets to cover up.

But then when I was planning this fundraiser I realized what a great prize this would be for someone and so I asked Megan if I could give it away instead. This was a great personal sacrifice on my part, just so you know.

She graciously said yes, and so now I have one 11x14 custom canvas print to offer to you as one of our prizes.

Awesome right?

Here's how you win.

As you know, we need to raise $10,000 to finish building an orphanage by September 30. Why we need to build an orphanage.

We need your help.

Please help us tell our story to more and more people. Every tweet using the hash tag #thecharisproject with a link to one of these posts, or share of our facebook page, or cause is eligible to win one of these cool prizes. So is every donation. Please don't think that just because you only have a couple of dollars to spare it doesn't matter. If one person in 100 gives $50 that's a whole lot less than the $500 that come from each person giving just $5. So please, give if you can.

Winners will be chosen at random from all entries after the contest closes shortly before midnight on Saturday, September 10, 2011.

To find out that we're legit check our Guidestar Profile, or, come with us to Thailand. If you don't like paypal you can donate through our causes page.



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