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$1495. That's a fish farming operation right there. Or the cost of the balance on the fish pond land and starting a new farm. Or 3/4 of the cost of building. Or 1/4 of the balance owing on the land. Any way you count it, it's significant progress.

You guys rock. Thank-you.

Only $8,505 to go. 

Yesterday a tree fell onto the roof of the boys room at Charis Home in Tak Province, at 3am, while they were all sleeping inside.

No one is badly hurt. Thank God!

Good thing by next week we're going to have all the money we need to build them a new place to live isn't it? (Please oh please oh please let it be so.) It's been unusually rainy and wet. I wonder were the boys will stay now that the roof is damaged.

Please keep on helping, keep on tweeting. Go ahead and blog about it.

It may seem like a big task and a lot of money, but if we all pitch in to help it's not that big after all. Just $5, times all of the people you know and I know, and they know and we have a new home for these kids. Please do what you can?

We have so many cool prizes that some great businesses and people have donated to help make this fun. Check out the bottom of this post to see them. Every donation, retweet using the hashtag #thecharisproject, and facebook share of our page, or our cause, is eligible to win a prize. Winners will be chosen at random from all entries after the contest closes shortly before midnight on Saturday, September 10, 2011.

To find out that we're legit check our Guidestar Profile, or, come with us to Thailand. If you don't like paypal you can donate through our causes page.


  1. Being an adoptee this project is very near and dear to my heart. I wish you all the best with the continued raising of funds and the building of the orphanage. If I had it my way and 1 bizillion dollars I would adopt all orphans everywhere. SIGH, sadly we just need to keep championing more causes and amazing people like you to keep doing the work, while I keep trying to win that 1 bizillion dollars (which is much harder than I originally thought).

  2. I wish you much luck in your quest. :)


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