Little is 5!

Dear Little,

I'm not sure how this happened. You are still my baby girl, yet so big, yet so little, yet so much a small child, but sometimes not. You are a girl in transition is what you are.

You still ask every night if you can sneak into my bed if you are scared, and I still wake to find you snuggled up next to your daddy on many, many mornings. I stare at you those mornings, not having a camera nearby, to trying to memorize every detail of your sleeping face, the line of your jaw, your dainty little chin, the long lashes brushing flushed cheeks, perfect tiny lips parted as you breath, and your hair falling across it. I look at how tiny you are next to daddy's big arm that is wrapped around you and marvel that so much personality can fit into a child your size.

This photo was taken by Rosie from Like Mother, Like daughter
This year to took it upon yourself to start blessing people every time we sat down to dinner. You would go around and say things like, "I bless you to always be my big brother and to love me forever because you are my big lovey!"

Or there was that time one night at bed time when you prayed that, "Everyone in my whole family would always love me, always, always, always."

You are extravagant with your affection, smothering all of us with kisses and hugs and "I love you mama, you're my favorite mama in the whole wide world".

You are just as extravagant with your other emotions, which means the entire neighborhood can tell when it's you who are upset. Your little piping voice when it screeches can carry a whole city block. You are quick to anger, but also quick to relent when you realize you were wrong, which will happen more often before the anger erupts as you learn to listen first, then act.

Basically, you are five.

There is something about you that is fragile this year, as though you have discovered that there are things to fear in this world, and you cling to all the reassurance that your family can give.

You are in love with your big brother, unless he's annoying. He still serves you in ways that make you feel loved and you still think he's the funniest, smartest, most entertaining guy ever. But he shouldn't come in your room if you are doing something and mess with your toys. That leads to screeching.

Also by Rosie, this photo catches your personality perfectly.

Your devotion to the Girl is less slavish, though she can almost always convince you to help her with chores in exchange for "mystery prizes". She is still cool enough that random stuff from her collection of things is super exciting for you to get.

Bam Bam and you are friends. When you 2 are separated for any length of time you reunite with hugs and kisses and laughing. You love to make him giggle, and he loves to pull your hair and slobber on your face, and lay his head on your shoulder. You kiss him at every opportunity. Unless he messes with your doll house. Then you put him out of the room and shut your door. But you are generally very patient with him.

I love the way you color, with lots, and lots of different colors, all filled in all the way to the edges. You seem to be living life the same way so far, and that is a gift. I hope you always rush to meet things headlong filled with excitement.

I know that as wisdom tempers all that you are right now the little girl I can feel beginning to slip away will be the kind of woman I want to know.

By Rosie
I love you always,

your mama


  1. Her eyes are sooo like yours as a child... Huge and beautiful.

  2. Mary Owlhaven9:45 PM

    She is wonderful.  Tell her happy birthday from Mary.

  3. What a beautiful post! She's gorgeous

  4. What a sweet, beautiful girl you have!


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