The Rules of Inheritance - A book review

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From the first sentence I loved this book. At first glance it seems depressing, and I wasn't very hopeful. It is after all the memoir of a girls who's parents were both diagnosed with cancer when she was 14 and they passed away when we was still young. But Claire Bidwell Smith paints such a gripping picture with her prose that you can't help but be swept up in the things she is feelings, the events of her life, and the turns of her story.

The book is organized into section, based on the 5 stages of grief. It is not chronological but flashes from snapshot to snapshot of Bidwell's experience, based on which stage of grief she is in.

That it begins with denial and then moves through the other stages is brilliant, because the reader is able to go through the stages with her and we all start out in denial. As the book continues all the other emotions begin to spill out and we are there with her, as she struggles to forget, or cope, or ignore, or accept all the implications of her loss.

She's shockingly honest, from sharing how she missed being there when her mother died because she stopped 3 hours away to see a boy she liked, to the telling of her relationship with men. I love the way she describes people using details that help you see their quirks, what makes them unique, and never too many. Through it all we see a real person and can't help caring about her.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone. It's a compelling story and extremely honest. I would especially recommend it for someone who has lost someone, or is close to someone who has lost someone and wants to understand.

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