The Simplicity Project - Refine the Schedule

The Simplicity Project she laughs at the daysLast year I finally got over my fear of Excel and learned to use spreadsheets. This is relevant because for the first time ever I used Excel to make up our new schedule. I even had 3 different sheets going on in 1 workbook, one for the basic schedule, one for the daily task list for each child, and myself, and one for the weekly subject plan. It was so easy to do it this way, I could just move things around at will until I liked where it fit.

I just made a list of everything they needed to get done and then pasted it where it fit, which showed me what was actually possible and what needed to be dropped. For a few years I used the MOTH system, which was really daunting actually, at first. I like this simplified version for me. MOTH takes the schedule thing so seriously that I feel like I have to also to be doing it right. Never tell a perfectionist there's a right way to do something, or she won't get anything done unless she's sure she's doing it that way.

It occurred to me, as I went through the kids school books laying out a revised daily and weekly schedule that will ensure that they get through all of their curriculum by the end of the year that I should do the same for myself. I should look at everything I want to get done this year and then put it all in my calendar in bite sized daily chunks to accomplish. That was kind of a DUH moment. So I'm working on that.

But putting together our schedule and discarding things that are no longer working helped m realize some things that continue to work really well for us so I thought I'd share them here.

It really works out well to tell the kids what has to be finished by the end of the week before they can go and have fun. I used to just have them work as much as I could but they thrive on knowing that they are no finished their work for the week and can play instead. I need to give myself that same limit. Once I get this x done, then I can play.

I love that my children do chores. It seriously makes the whole day easier and lighter. Here's what my kids do.

Morning Jobs
The Boy - clean the bathroom: wipe down sinks and counters, put things away, pick up the floor, wipe and swish the toilet bowl, etc.
The Girl - unload the dishwasher or fold a load of laundry if the dishwasher isn't full enough to run.
Little - make her bed
Judah - stay asleep until mommy finishes pilates and showers (He's very bad at this.)

After Meal Jobs
The Boy - Sweep
The Girl - Clear and put away
Little - wipe the table

Afternoon Jobs
They each pick up one of the main rooms in the house after school and play is done. Usually before heading outside to play. It's best to come to my house right after they do this. It's the only time it manages to look tidy.

Dinner Helper
They alternate nights helping in the kitchen and setting the table.

I never would have imagined that my kids would be the reason my house manages to be tolerable to live in most of the time now, but it's great. Sometimes when they are out and I'm trying to clean up I find myself wishing they would come home and help me.

Now that it's March I'm going to move on to the most looming, yet exciting part for me, because it involves visuals. I'm going to start going through my wardrobe and try to reduce it, a lot.

I have a few rules, to keep myself from doing something I may regret.
1.I won't deal with clothing that is currently too small for me, other than putting it away. I've been pregnant enough to know that I will forever regret that dress I gave away thinking I would never be that size again.
2.I will also not get rid of special occasion items and dresses, because I always regret that, and it's not like I have a lot of those.
3. I will not cull summer items until summer when I have a better idea of their usefulness.

That said, it's time to get rid of the wardrobe clutter. I'm excited. First me, then the kids.


  1. Sonja European9:10 AM

    I dig the idea of a "curriculum" for mom to get through in a year. That is such a good idea!


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