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Thursday we decided last minute to head to the Wild Animal Park. It was chilly, I wasn't expecting much, but the kids have season passes that were a gift so it's no big deal if the day isn't perfect, we can always go back. I'm glad we went.

We walked up to condor ridge for the first time, and past it to the old world garden. Crazy, crazy looking plants. There was no one else there, for quite a while, so we walked and explored and had lots of fun.



BamBam blowing raspberries.

The Boy has his own camera now, a very early digital passed on by the great grandparents. They posed for him, but wouldn't for me.


a boy with room to run

butterfly dreams

He loves this little tunnel

rockstar pose

baby elephant nursing

A mud hut in the Nairobi themed playground is a replica of many family's real and only home.

stop taking pictures and give me pretzels

round button chicken


  1. Sonja European9:14 AM

    We love the Wild Animal Park! Condor Ridge is one of my favorites - we usually do it at the end of our day there, when the almost-sinking sun makes the view even more spectacular.
    We'll have to check out the old world garden next time we're there - I've never gone up that far.

  2. Be sure to check out the bonsai garden too on the way up.

    I didn't realize you were local. :) Cool.

  3. Lisa G.12:54 PM

    What a place - fantastic looking plants! Reminds me of something I recently saw on "Victory Garden".  Nice photos, too.

  4. I am so glad we have season passes. It's really amazing and we're lucky to live so near. :)

  5. Amazing place! I am very much fond of the wildlife, thanks for sharing about it.


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