The Simplicity Project - A simpler wardrobe

The Simplicity Project she laughs at the daysYou know what's not simple? Trying to get rid of your extra stuff, AND, take pictures of it and record the process. Let's face it. I'm not a very good blogger.

But I make headway. And I have lots of awful before shots.

I have a box full of clothes that don't fit right now that is going up in the closet shelf. (I have hopes of fitting into those ones yet you see.)

before they went into the box

I have a big laundry basket full of clothes I'm not keeping, and most importantly, I can shut all of the drawers in my dresser, even though they are small. I have more than 7 shirts though. It's more like 10-12 plus tank tops to wear under a lot of them.

I am liking not having as many choices. I know that anything I reach for in my drawer is going to fit and I'm going to like it. What a change that is from having a dresser full of things I only like sometimes or used to like and don't anymore, or really like but it doesn't fit right now.

I would show them to you but they really aren't anything special. Jeans, nicely cut t-shirts, tank tops, sweaters. But they all fit and I like them! And I have way less personal laundry to do.

My children, on the other hand.... We'll get there. It's coming, trust me.

I'm still working on that business wardrobe. I am totally gonna need your help with that part. I should get a full length mirror so I can take pictures of myself to show you the clothes because asking my kids to take a shot for me isn't working out so well. The straight up at the underside of your chin angle is a particularly unflattering one.

I had 2 big bags of clothes taken away today. Aaron has a whole trash bag himself that he, with far less agonizing or intense feeling, pulled out of his side of the closet and got rid if in about 15 minutes total.

Nice hon, way to make this taking a whole year to de-clutter things seem downright silly. Thanks.

So I have got the winter wardrobe sorted, jut in time to put it away and pull out the summer clothes. I'll sort those in a couple of months.

But the next project is going to be the kids closets.

Because their closet and drawers are still full when their laundry basket looks like this. You tell me. How many clothes do children really need?


  1. Katie3:22 PM

    The more laundry I do for my children, the more I become convinced we should maybe go back to 1 or 2 "fancy/dress" outfits, a maximum of 4 nicer daily wear outfits--maybe you don't need those, since you homeschool? And then maybe 2 or 3 sets for what my mother referred to as "crudding around". (i.e. regular, playing in dirt, don't care what happens to them clothes. But I don't know if I'd be able to keep up on laundry even then. And if you ever figure out how and why pajamas multiply when I'm not looking I'd love to know. :)

  2. Mary Owlhaven8:46 PM

    Have your kiddo stand on the table.  :)  My current profile pix on my blog was taken by a 12yo standing on the kitchen counter.    I need to weed out my wardrobe too! 

  3.  I have the opposite problem here. Pajamas always disappear when most needed. The girls like to squirrel them away somewhere and forget about it.

    I'm aiming for 7 every day outfits and a a couple of mucking abouts. :)

  4.  good idea :) I'll have to give that a try. thanks


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