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I have not done one of these posts in ages! But I have a pile up of interesting things I wanted to share in my browser cache so welcome back to 7 quick takes Friday, hosted by Jennifer @ Conversion Diary.

1. Be The Adult by Noel Cordle

You may have seen the video of the bus monitor who was being verbally abused by a groups of kids and how a bunch of people felt sorry for her and sent her money. I was so happy to read Noel's take on the story because she asks a question that no one else seemed to ask. "Wasn't it her job to be the person in charge there and put a stop to their behavior?"

2. Riverside Girl Trapped in Tijuana Child Sex Trade

This article is frustrating because it doesn't fix anything, it just tells you what the reporter saw. And I share it because it's something we can't ever forget. This happens, and we can do something about it. If you live in CA be sure to vote yes on 35 for the California Against Sexual Exploitation Act.

I'm never political here, but I have met these people and been privy to their tireless work to change laws to protect people and you should help them.

3. So I got an iphone for my birthday and it's completely changed my bedtime routine with Bam Bam. I've had to lie down with every single child to help them sleep for years before they will do it themselves. Usually it's been an exercise in patience because some nights it takes so long, and there's so much I need to do.

But now I can check email, scroll facebook, read a book, even watch TV some nights, all while laying there in the dark nursing a toddler. It's amazing! It's my favorite relax time now.

4. On that note, I found a place that every day tells you 100 free kindle books, if you download them that day. A lot of them are totally stupid looking, but there are a few gems every day. I know have the complete Grimm's Fairy Tales on my phone in case I ever need something to read to my kids while waiting somewhere, for example. Perhaps you will find some books you like in there too. onehundredfreebooks.com

5. This summer has turned all kinds of hectic because we decided to do this comedy fundraiser series for The Charis Project. One show, every 4 weeks, for 3 months.

I'm really excited about this next show though. A local micro brewery, Aztec Brewery, is allowing us to use their tasting room for the event, and we have some great comics lined up.

We're even making promo videos. Here's the first one.

6. A Spark of Bravery - Lisa Leonard

I loved this post. So often the bravest things we have to do are not visible to anyone else. I think her response was perfect and just loved this post.

7. I am already loving my facebook page. I am a way more consistent facebook user than blogger so it's great for me. But my favorite part is that now I get to see you. It's really cool.

So go ahead and like it so we can stay in touch. https://www.facebook.com/shelaughsatthedays Ya know, if you want to.

Bonus: Did you see this picture I posted yesterday of Bam Bam after his big sisters dressed him? It still makes me laugh.


  1. Wow thanks so much for the link!

  2. I feel EXACTLY the same way about my smartphone. I resisted getting one for a long time, feeling like the extra expense wasn't worth it, especially for someone who is almost always within 20 feet of a laptop at home. When I finally caved and got a smartphone, I realized that I could use it to read books, to answer emails, to check FB, while I'm nursing Elliora and putting her to bed at nap and at night, it was like a revelation, and I wondered why I hadn't gotten a smartphone ages ago!

    Thanks for the hundred-free-books link!

  3. Oooh, I marked the hundredfreebooks link, thanks.  I'll have to catch up on the reads later but wanted to say that I don't miss FB much, but oh how I love the expediency of Instagram.  Blessings!


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