Bam Bam is 2!

Dear Bam Bam,

Ever suave, sharing drinks with the ladies.
'cause he's a ladies man, who likes wearing their shoes.

Well, you made it. You have moved past babyhood and you are now a little boy. Of course, you're a little boy who doesn't yet say more than a handful of words and still poops in your diaper, so you have some work to do there, but that's alright. We'll celebrate 2 anyway.

front facing for the very first time
You climb, everything, all the time. Once you even tried to climb out of a window. I'm so glad I was outside just then and heard the tiny noise you made as you lowered yourself over the sill and were hanging there 5 feet or so above the ground. I have very few open windows anymore, which is a shame, since it's pretty hot around here, but I'll sweat rather than have to see you with a bashed in skull. (Actually I blocked them all so that they only open a few inches so you can't fit through them.)

I'm picking my battles though, you can walk around on the front windowsill, since it's only 2 feet off the ground, and I'll stop you from sitting on top of the back step railing. It's a good thing you're a fourth child, because you are aging me quickly.

But you are so charming, and happy, and sweet, and mischievous. Except when you're not. Then you are less than charming, and very vocal.

You can't talk so you push your face in front of mine to make eye contact before pointing or gesturing at what you want me to see/get you/do etc. You're actually pretty good at communicating for a kid who has only 6 words and uses one sign properly.

Big boys hold their own ice packs
When you hurt yourself it's very important to you that I come and see where you got hurt and what hurt you. You let me know you got hurt here by using one of your 5 words, "Ow."

The others are hot, hurt, hand, and this. Your favorite sign is "all done", and you clap for yourself when you do something to encourage me to clap for you also.

You scream when you see trucks, and butterflies, or something falls down dramatically, and when you are having a lot of fun and a sibling is chasing you.

You are funny, you make jokes already, and laugh at them. Your grasp of physical comedy is amazing. We have a 2 year old clown.

All of this reminds me so much of your uncle Adrian, my younger brother, who could entertain me for hours in the kitchen pretending he was stuck to a piece of gum. I wish he could see you.

You are just now really interested in books, and will sit and read them with me instead of squirming and climbing down after only 2 pages.

Oh, and you dance, and it's amazing. I fail at recording it but it may be my favorite thing ever.

Your birthday party was a simple affair, with dinosaur chicken nuggets and cake. Your favorite gift was either the ball from your sister or the giant staff from your brother. In the end I think the giant stick won. You really liked the other things too but there were so many and you just wanted to play with the things you already had.

Happy birthday my little boy. I'm so glad you are here.



  1. I cannot get over what an adorable love he is. Two! I wish you many, many more happy years with your youngest boy. :-)

  2. Jessica3:06 PM

    what a lovely boy! my 'baby' turns 2 in less than 2 months and i can't believe it... so loveable and hilarious and sweet and cheeky and big! jessica


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