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Advent For Kids

A few days ago a friend messaged me and asked, "Didn't you write an advent meditation for children at some point? I was looking for it, and didn't find it." The truth is, I had planned to write one, but never got around to it. So I'm going to try and get it done this month. In addition to all the other things, like packing for an international move, 2 birthdays and overseeing the transfer of many of my responsibilities with The Charis Project here in the US to other volunteers. But this will be my fun thing to do. There won't be any pictures I don't think. Just words. I suggest you have your kids draw pictures while they listen that you can put up for each day of advent. Make their pieces of paper small in size and you can make a border around a room or along one wall that would be fun to look at. Most advent meditations focus on the lineage of Jesus, all the people leading up to him. I love these and we have used them, and will again. I wanted

I'm not looking forward to this

Dear Bam Bam, It's time to wean you. And not only because twice in the last 2 days you have clamped down tight on my nipple with your full set of teeth, just as you were entering dreamland, and bit me so hard it made me cry. It's not because my extremely sensitive pregnant nipples feel like they've been through a meat grinder every morning after you nurse half the night, just to go back to sleep, either. Though those are compelling and urgent reasons these days. I was going to wait until you could talk to wean you. Experience tells me it's easier that way, when we can have a conversation about it, and you can tell me what your other needs are. I didn't wean your sister until she was 3, and then we had a milk and cookies party where I explained that she was big enough to drink from a cup and dip cookies in her milk and she didn't need breast milk anymore. We had to have 3 of those parties over the next few months when she remembered and got sad and needed to

A Hobbit Party For the Boy

I have been wanting to tell you all about the Boy's Hobbit party. However, since I forgot to take many photos, given all the other things going on, I was waiting until people, like my talented sister in law , got me some of the photos they took of the party so I could show you, as well as tell you. (Assume if it's a great shot and isn't in my instagram feed that she took it.) All great parties start days before with the baking. Especially Hobbit parties. Hobbits love their food. This is the menu we chose, out of all the things hobbits would enjoy. We feel it got the basic elements. For afternoon refreshments Lemonade Pretzels Water For the Birthday Feast Pork pies Potato Soup - with bacon and cheese on top of course Rustic loaves of fresh baked bread. Sauteed mushrooms Roasted vegetables, tubers, brussel sprouts, carrots, yams, etc. Home made ginger beer. (The Boy made it himself) For Dessert Tiny apple and pumpkin tarts Seed Cake - (I found an old V

Only You Can Renounce Your Right to Do Good

  You can tell you’ve hit some sort of nerve when a post gets responses ranging from, “Now this looks more like what one would expect of someone who claims to love God and imitate Jesus” to, “Woe to them who call evil good and good evil." You can imagine the spectrum in between. There have been so many conversations, in so many places. We have been accused of taking our theology too seriously because we have asserted that for Christians, politics is simply one small aspect of how we fight for justice and good and to bring the kingdom of God, and that there are other more powerfully fundamental means of transformation at our disposal. This leaves us wondering if some of the people who take politics so desperately seriously, some of the people who believe it a sin to disentangle their political involvement from their faith long enough to ask if the way they are going about their politics is harming or helping the goals of their faith, don’t take their theology s

When winning at politics means losing something better.

The response to my last post has shown that there are a few things I should probably clarify, in terms of what it is I'm trying to say. I have done plenty of that already in the comments section, but decided to do a followup post that addressed everything together. Only, when I told Aaron I needed to do it he said he'd write it for me, since he'd already been working out a response to these things. So, I give you a guest post by my husband. I think the first. This is how my philosophically trained theologian husband writes. It's pretty dense. Read carefully. Enjoy. ********* Political discourse and action are important, they just are not the ultimate point. Ends do justify the means only if the means are fully in line with, might I say derived from, the end. Carrien's and my criticism of the current political discourse comes from the observation that the means employed are not consistent with the proper end. The end we have in mind is the full mani

So You Think Winning at Candyland Actually Matters

A Plea For Perspective Dear friends on the religious right. Some of whom are beloved readers here. (Yes, I have conservative friends. They are dear sincere people who care deeply about others, their families, this country, and the world. Just as many of my friends who would define themselves as more moderate or liberal care deeply about others, their families, this country, and the world.) Totally borrowed this from Fox news. They won't mind. All day today I have seen you in various shades of despair as Obama prepares to serve as president for another 4 years. Your predictions are dire. America as you know and love it is no longer. Obama's administration is going to destroy all that you love and hold dear. Obama is a baby killer. Obama is destroying the traditional family. God help us because the end is near. You wish this was all just a dream, and I've seen more than one reference to arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. First, please just stop watching Fox news


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