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PHFR - First month in Thailand

Pretty So Thailand is a pretty place. This is a national forest preserve, and a lovely place to swim. The street we live on right now. But way down at the end of it from here. Check out the trash cans made from recycled tires. Even the noodles from the grocery store are pretty. Happy BamBam was overjoyed to discover I packed his trains. baby gecko Stopping at the little neighborhood shop to buy ice cream It rained! Everything cools off when it rains. Funny I don't actually have any pictures for funny. Real A touch of heat stroke last week. A gas station bathroom. How we all all these kids around. Totally not as safe as back home. Bitey bugs and mystery rashes.

100 Millions Bits of Kindness

Sometimes the kids and I get into these conversations about why we're here and what our job is while we are. (I'm not talking about Thailand, but about the larger cosmic issues of existence and meaning, etc. Which does eventually tie into why we came to Thailand, but anyway.) We teach them, because we firmly believe that it's true, that the purpose for which humanity was created is the completion of the creation. We were placed here, made in the very image of the creator himself, to carry out the work of completion, to bring the creation to it's greatest height and achievement. We're designed to create ourselves, each of us in the way we are given the ability to do, to bring order out of chaos, beauty out of brokenness, to participate in redemption. We were given a great deal of power in order to accomplish this mission, real power that can be used for good or ill. (If you've ever wondered why it is that people are capable of hurting each other so and why wo

Some days...

Some days being a mother is standing in the kitchen on tired legs making dessert for children who have asked for it. Some days it's not reading a bedtime story and instead helping them see all the things they should have seen earlier, when they were supposed to be cleaning up while you made that dessert. It's holding your tone as even as you're able, knowing that it's not as even as you want it to be. It's mopping the floor while they shower, to get the stickiness off before the ants find it. Some days it's looking wryly at your feet and ankles, swollen to twice their normal size, when they ask you to rub their feet when you are tucking them into bed for the night, and then doing it, wishing you had someone around to ask to rub yours. Some days it's counting days to when you are no longer parenting solo and thinking of all the moms you know who have no end in of solo parenting in sight. It's reminding a son, again, to get ready for bed when he&

A Few Notes About Thailand

So we've been in Thailand for more than 2 weeks now. As expected, hot season is super hot and people speak a different language here and it's a very different sort of place.  As of 9:30 this evening it's still 90F. But for those who find this sort of thing interesting, I've been compiling a list of sorts of the particularly unusual, to me as a westerner, things I've discovered. First, to understand how a lot of things work in Thailand just take yourself back about 15 years in terms of technology. For instance, you can get cash from ATMs every where, but you can't pay with debit or credit at the check out counter in most places. Your receipt at the grocery store will print very slowly on an old school printer, the kind that has the tear away paper with the holes in it on the sides. Oh and a friend discovered you can't buy alcohol except between 11-2 or after 5pm, unless you buy it in quantities larger than 10 liters. This is supposedly to keep people from


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