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7 Quick Takes - So much to say

Little bits from around the web that I thought worth sharing. I wanted to include pictures but my internet out here in the Thailand boonies is so slow tonight that's it's not going to happen. 1. Modesty, I Don't Think it Means What You Think it Means Probably everyone has read this by now because she posted it a few months ago, but I wanted to jump up and down when I read this post by Rachel Held Evans. Mostly because I've been saying the same thing for years and I can't believe that we're still wasting breath debating this issue with each other. There is a world to heal, a creation to redeem, a kingdom of peace and love to incarnate people. Let's stop judging each other based on our clothes and being afraid of our bodies alright? 2. The American Way of Birth the Most Costly in the World I have lived through this ridiculousness. After one of my home births I had to be admitted to the hospital for a few hours because the placenta didn't deli

PHFR - The missing updates

It's been ages since I did a PFHR post, and I don't know why because I've been taking a ton of pictures. So these pictures aren't necessarily from this past week. I have a lot of archives to catch up on from the past few months. Pretty I'm so glad that it is so beautiful where we live. I can deal much better with the many ugly things we're trying to improve when I can look at skies like these and get some perspective. Happy Kids in trees. Look closely. The Girl is way up at the top. This is the Girl's little perch where she prefers to do school work. Sweet little things from thoughtful children. Saturday morning pancakes on the balcony. This guy because he can do stuff now. Funny This is called a technologie. It's a common method of transport here, often for lots of people at a time. We live on a hill next to a road so every so often we see one of these laboring up the hill with a pile of pe

Scorpion Eaters

A little while ago we were sitting around a little fire outside in our yard, because it was family night and the kids had asked for a fire. I was just starting a story when Aaer ron yelled, "Everyone get back!" We live in the land of poisonous vipers, and poisonous centipedes, and all manner of other unpleasantness so we all complied pretty quickly. It turned out it was just a little scorpion who had crept close to the warmth of our fire. So Aaron, being Aaron, rather than kill it, caught it and fried it up so the kids could taste it. Who wants to see the video the kids took of a snake eating a Toukay(big gecko) while hanging in front of the kitchen window?

What I See

We decide to eat lunch in a sit down restaurant near the border the day we renew our visas, rather than a street stall, mostly because we also need a bathroom. Six ladies and one girl, in coordinating tribal shirts, seat us and bring our dishes, ice, drinks, menus, etc. The girl, maybe 13, maybe older, she sits at a nearby empty table and watches us eat. The restaurant isn't very busy. Most tables are empty. I glance at her as she watches us, in between juggling baby, toddler, and food. She just sits, and watches. It's a school day. I wonder if she goes to school. I wonder if she ever gets to eat the same kind of food my kids are pushing around on their plate and probably won't finish. We've ordered 4 different meat dishes to go with our rice. Not a lot for 7 people by American standards, but probably extravagant for many here. Does she sleep in the house behind the open air restaurant? Does she push some chairs together after the customers go home and sleep there


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