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One Year Reflections

Our one year anniversary in Thailand came and went more than a month ago. I think we were in the middle of hosting volunteers and dealing with gastro intestinal issues, something we do on a fairly regular basis living here, so we didn't even mark the occasion until later. We've been here one whole year! I've barely blogged.* There are dozens of hundreds of unfinished stories to tell. I think Instagram has eaten my blog a little. I let the pictures to the story telling work for me, and then I feel like I'm done, like the story is told, even though there is much more to tell. Also, we had intolerably slow internet for most of the year. It's hard to blog when it takes hours for your pictures to load. The company that we asked to come out, when we first moved to our house last August, told us we would have to wait until they completed a big government contract. (Why hire more people to install internet when your client base is expanding when you could just make them a


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