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One Day

I participated in the One Day party on Instagram again this year, hosted by Laura of HollyWood HouseWife. Every year that I do this I think to myself I will follow up by making it into a blog post so that readers who aren't on IG can see what goes on in a typical day here. This year, it's the third year, I'm actually doing it. So without further ado, one day of my life, in photos.

False Alarms and Energy Drinks

She hands me a little plastic bag through the driver window. “Ah Sayama, chesu tin ba deh.” (Teacher, thank you, in Burmese.) I let my surprise show on my face. Not over the drinks, the ladies have taken to giving me these little gratitude tokens every week, almost always an energy drink. They must think I look tired.

I’m not expecting to see her because I drove her to the clinic two days ago to have a baby, along with her sister, her husband, and her sister’s husband, to help take care of her.

There she is, still pregnant, laughing, a little embarrassed, and ready for class this week.

I save my questions for when we arrive, because Tintin can translate for me when we get there.

“When I got there they checked me, but I’m still not dilated,” she says. “When sayama, she checked me in the car and told me it would be a long time, I was just worried about getting to the clinic in time. I didn’t want to have to call her in the middle of the night. And when she offered to go and wait at he…


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