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Little is 8!

Dear Little, Happy completion of 8 journeys around the sun. I'm thankful for the way you are always caring for the people around you. You're the first to run and get Dek when you hear him cry. You're the first to pick him up and kiss his owies and make him feel better. You are such a sweet girl. You are the hostess, always wanting to make something special for your friends, throw a little tea party, make a little snack, or bake a few cookies. We had some Christmas carolers come to our house one evening recently and you were baking them some of your special cookies when we ran out of cookies gas. The cookies weren't finished, and it was too late to go out and buy another gas canister, though your daddy tried. You were so heartbroken about those unfinished cookies sitting in the oven, and not being able to serve them to our guests, that you spent the whole time they were singing crying quietly in my lap. I'm not sure if

Of Darkness, and Hope, and How You Can Help Bring Light

Today I met a 14 year old girl, when I was visiting two of the mothers in my birth class. She was squatting in the house next to one of the grandmothers. I thought she was a kid who came in to watch the babies. 17 year old mamas The two mothers I was there to see were the youngest women in the class. They were both seventeen. One of these girls discovered that the man who got her pregnant was already married to someone else , before he started sweet talking her. She was so upset over this that she took something to try and abort her babies. That's right, plural. The doctors at the clinic told her she was pregnant with twins. But whatever she took was only half successful. One of the babies lived . He's a tiny little thing, with intelligent little eyes in his beautiful face. His grandfather is quite taken with him, and insists he will care for and raise his grandson himself if need be. I'm happy for this baby boy and his mother that it turned out this way. She


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