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Love Your Enemy

Last night I had the privilege of meeting a young man who is Rohingya. His father is Muslim, his grandfather is Muslim, his relatives are all Muslim. He himself has a doctorate degree in Islamic studies. In 2012 the people of Rakhine state attacked and killed the Rohingya people, burning villages to the ground. You may have heard about it in the news. Go ahead and look it up if you haven't. I'll wait. Try searching Rohingya Massacre 2012. This man was contacted by a Christian organization who asked him to help coordinate the delivery of relief supplies to his people. He was shocked. He didn't understand why Christians would want to help his people. They told him about Jesus, in a contextually appropriate way, and he started telling hundreds of other people about this Jesus person BEFORE he decided to be baptized as a Christian himself. He now travels around teaching people about Jesus and receives death threats regularly because people don't like what he d

Thoughts on Marriage, sixteen years in.

2000 When Aaron asked me to marry him, he did it three times. (I wrote about the first time here .) He says he wanted to give me lots of opportunities to back out. The third time came after a period where I kept making plans for the next year, assuming that he would just tag along with me in my life. When I finally asked him why he didn't seem all that excited about the plans that I was making for both of us he said something to the effect of, "You realize that if we're married we're going to make plans together, right? And I might not want to do the same things you want to do." It shocked me into tears, which is rather embarrassing to think about, that I didn't understand that 17 years ago. After we talked about it a while he asked me again. "So, now that you understand what it is I'm asking of you, will you marry me?" I told him I needed time to think about it, and asked for 24 hours before I gave an answer. 2000  ******** It&

Rainy Season Rambles

It's so beautiful this time of year. The air is clean, and everything is green and growing and fresh. The girls made a little nest. High up in the tree. They can see the whole valley from up there. We are settling in. It's starting to feel like home.

Camping out in the Pink Palace

I wrote this a year ago, when we first moved into this house, and never hit publish. I was trying to take a video tour to add to the post so you could see what I was talking about, but it didn't turn out well, and so I was going to try again... you know how that goes. Anyway, we've lived in this house a year now. I'm using pictures I took on my first walk through it before we signed the lease. This is what it was like just before we first moved in. ************ Yes, there's a tree trunk in my living room. The last 9 Thai kings have their pictures displayed over that window The living room from different angles. This built in cabinet hides a stairway that goes down to a basement. Most Thai houses don't have basements. Ours is full of water, maybe that's why. Here's the flooded basement. bathroom off the upstairs balcony The Kitchen is actually very bright with windows looking at the back yard. But the shutters are closed in

Why your friend with many kids may say no to coffee, even if she wants to go.

Leaving the house alone is always an event for me. Aaron can get up in the morning, get himself dressed, look at his computer for a while and then casually decide to get up and walk out and drive away like it's no big deal. He'll be chased down by a few children insisting on goodbye hugs of course, and sometimes the littlest guys ask if they can go with him too. But for the most part he leaves, and comes back, and leaves again, on his own terms. I might be jealous. Before I leave in the morning for my one office day a week I make breakfast for at least one child and make sure they are wearing clothes. Sometimes I have to sneak out so a person doesn't cry, which is no small feat. I have to hug everyone. I have to remind everyone what they are doing for the day. I have to answer a million questions about what they can or can't do while I'm gone, even though there's another adult there to care for them. I make sure to leave money to pay for things. (They hand d

Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something.

* For a very large part of my youth I thought the point of being a Christian was to keep bad things from happening to me. After all, the Old Testament has all these covenants, "If you ___, then God will ____." So if I did all the right things, kept all the rules, did all the things asked of me, then God would protect me and take care of me and keep me safe. I could manipulate the creator of the universe into being my own personal caretaker. Imagine my surprise, and anger, as I encountered more, and more, pain and suffering in my own life. God was supposed to make me happy. He was supposed to keep my parents marriage together, he was supposed to keep me from feeling sad all the time for no apparent reason. God was failing to hold up his end of the bargain, and so, maybe I was done with God. Only in the wealthy west could a spoiled little girl hold onto the notion, for any length of time, that it's possible to live a life without suffering. But I see the same so

Did you miss me?

Hi. Remember me? Can you believe I only posted 4 times in all of 2015? I let an entire pregnancy go by without saying anything on this blog about it. That's right. We have another baby here. He was a total surprise. Such a surprise that I think it took me 4 months just to get used to the idea, while I worked my butt off for months to make sure that once I went into labor important things would still be done, by people I had hopefully trained to take over for me, while I went into newborn baby mode for a while. In the process I lost my domain, It expired and the emails were going to a cancelled email address so I didn't notice. Then, because people used to come and read this little blog of mine, that domain had some good page rank on it. So someone bought that domain and is using it for one of those crappy, no real content, paid advertising websites. Which I refused to do when I owned that domain and it's corresponding traffic. So now


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