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Love Your Enemy

Last night I had the privilege of meeting a young man who is Rohingya. His father is Muslim, his grandfather is Muslim, his relatives are all Muslim. He himself has a doctorate degree in Islamic studies. In 2012 the people of Rakhine state attacked and killed the Rohingya people, burning villages to the ground. You may have heard about it in the news. Go ahead and look it up if you haven't. I'll wait. Try searching Rohingya Massacre 2012. This man was contacted by a Christian organization who asked him to help coordinate the delivery of relief supplies to his people. He was shocked. He didn't understand why Christians would want to help his people. They told him about Jesus, in a contextually appropriate way, and he started telling hundreds of other people about this Jesus person BEFORE he decided to be baptized as a Christian himself. He now travels around teaching people about Jesus and receives death threats regularly because people don't like what he d


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