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What Christmas Songs Tell Us About Hate

It’s all around us this time of year, if we listen. Subversive, revolutionary ideas about how the world ought to be fill the air. Our ears ring with the promise of hope, life, light in the darkness, the broken made whole, those who are oppressed finding justice, those who are enslaved finding freedom, those who are fleeing from conflict finding peace. It’s in there, right beside the Santa Baby’s and that one song by Mariah Carey that everyone still knows that they play every where, even in Thailand. I hum the songs. I love the words, and as I hum them, so familiar, they catch at my awareness and bring tears to my eyes, steal my breath away. These words, they turn everything upside down. “ Truly he taught us to love one and other, His law is love, and his gospel is peace. Chains shall he break, for the slave is our brother, and in his name, all oppression shall cease…” “Come thou rod of Jesse bind, all peoples in one heart and mind. Bid envy strife and discord cease,


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