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No Way to Win - Bedtime Woes

I hate the monster in the bed game. I know that's a strong word to use about a silly game but it matches my feelings. On any given evening, if I walk away from the bedroom in the middle of the bed routine, even if only for a second, or to get water, or pull Bam Bam down from the table for the 200 time in that past hour, when I return the girls are hiding under their blankets making growling noises. It's my cue to pretend I don't know there are 2 giggly girl under there and wonder what sort of monsters are lurking there instead. I don't remember how this game started. I may have started it for all I know. But as I lurch breathless and almost spent toward the finish line, otherwise known as that moment when all 4 of my children are asleep, or at least quiet, and my work as a mother is done for the day, it's the last thing I want to do. The problem with the monster in the bed game is that there is just no way to win it. If I pretend it leads to wild screaming and t

Rooted, But Limitless

  I've been learning a few things about raising humans, while working on growing plants. One year ago we decided to start a big garden project at our house here in Thailand. The soil around our house is mostly hard red clay, with a very thin layer of composted plant matter on top. It's a less than ideal environment for many plants. The first things we planted came up quickly, and died just as quickly, wilting in the heat without enough water, and then rotting as they flooded when the heavy rains came. I want something pretty and functional, flowers and lettuce and cabbages, but those can't grow in our soil right now, and survive our hot season. But Aaron has been learning from our mistakes and thinking more long term, about creating the soil itself.                   He's been researching permaculture, restoration agriculture principles, biology, how plants grow. Whenever Aaron learns something he dives deep, and learns everything he can about it. And then I get the dig


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