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No Way to Win - Bedtime Woes

I hate the monster in the bed game. I know that's a strong word to use about a silly game but it matches my feelings. On any given evening, if I walk away from the bedroom in the middle of the bed routine, even if only for a second, or to get water, or pull Bam Bam down from the table for the 200 time in that past hour, when I return the girls are hiding under their blankets making growling noises. It's my cue to pretend I don't know there are 2 giggly girl under there and wonder what sort of monsters are lurking there instead. I don't remember how this game started. I may have started it for all I know. But as I lurch breathless and almost spent toward the finish line, otherwise known as that moment when all 4 of my children are asleep, or at least quiet, and my work as a mother is done for the day, it's the last thing I want to do. The problem with the monster in the bed game is that there is just no way to win it. If I pretend it leads to wild screaming and t


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