Month: October 2013

Dear Son, I want you to fail this year

Dear Boy, Twelve years ago today you made me a mother. It didn’t go at all as I had planned, and dreamed about, your birth, but there you were anyway, with a ridge in your forehead and a cone on the back of your head, and so, very, very fragile […]

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Help wanted

I didn’t realize, until I put up that last post about Dek, that it had been a full month since I last posted anything here in this space. Time really moves differently here. Days move slowly, and less happens in them, which I think ends to the melding of all […]

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4 months

Dear little Dek, You are already 4 months old and this is the first letter I am getting around to writing to you. In my defense, you are a very particular little short person and you often only want to be held, but any old baby holder will not do. […]

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