One Thousand Gifts-Week 30

  • All of you for the love in your comments on this post. I cried while reading them but in a good way. It is good to know people understand.
  • Making cookies.

  • Green spaces to run in.
  • The delight on the Girl's face when I bought her a $3 bouquet of flowers at the farmer's market.

  • A Boy who pushes the stroller when Little wants him too because he's more fun than mommy.

  • The noise that means we're all together again.
  • Little, hard at play in her aunties old playhouse.

  • Family returning from far away.
  • MIL's and friends who plan adventures. (The Boy is paddling the Girl around on his first day ever in a kayak while the GH looks on.)

  • Brave, brave kids, who are eager to try out new things.

  • Dirty little chubby feet.

  • After beach gathering for tacos at a friend's house.
  • Work tomorrow.
  • Hugs from friends.

  • The gratitude community is here.


    1. love the flower picture - she is too sweet!

    2. Your children are so precious! It's the first time that I've seen Little. You are blessed.

      Thanks for sharing your family!


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