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New meme, it's perfect for me.


Easy to post, and communicates the week better than I could otherwise I think. Here you go.


I sent gifts to the women in the villages and who staff the Charis Home with Aaron in March. Umbrellas wrapped in cloth handkerchiefs and hair elastics.


I found this on my camera. Probably taken by a child. He loves his bouncer.

Surprise. It's the baby again. His sisters did his hair in the bath.


This is a Christmas wreath, on my office closet door, because I haven't put it away yet. Yesterday is when I actually got the nativity and light put away and up on the closet shelf. Also, the picture is sideways. I was going to fix it but then thought, nah, real.


  1. Anonymous6:43 PM

    What a cute baby!

  2. I love seeing all these sweet families! Have a blessed Easter.


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