Mighty Deeds and Humming Birds

The Boy and his aunt K were walking to the store the other day and they found an almost dead hummingbird on the ground. It had flown into a window and blood was coming out of its beak and it wasn’t moving. K picked it up to move it to where it wouldn’t get stepped on and showed it to the Boy. He wanted to know if it would die and she said it probably would and then it occurred to her to try praying for it. K prayed for the bird, and then the Boy did, and then it woke up and grabbed K’s shirt and clung to it for a while. She eventually put it on a bush so they could go into the store, and when they came back out the Boy went running to see if it was still there and it flew up in front of him and away into a tree.

He was so excited, cavorting, jumping, exclaiming, “We prayded for it and God HEALDED it. That was SO COOL!!!”

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